• Two-way switch (pneumatic, electric and manual)
  • Chain conveyor
  • Vertical Mill Hammer
  • Bag filter - point filter
  • Worm conveyor
  • Sliding cap (pneumatic, electromotor and manual)
  • Horizontal two-axis mixer HLM O&M
Tin casing with one input and two outputs. At the entrance and exit there are flanges for linking the symmetrical two-way switch with other parts in the technological line. There is one valve in the housing, mounted on the axle through the sliding bearings on the sides of the housing. The ends of the shaft are extended so as to connect from one side to the pneumatic, electromotor or manual drive. On the other side of the shaft, the valve position signaling is installed, if it is an electric motor or manual drive, while in the case of a pneumatic drive, position signaling is located on the pneumatic cylinder itself. The valve is started by a pneumatic cylinder, electric motor or manually. A symmetrical two-way switch is supplied as a complete device that needs to be properly mounted at the appropriate place in the technological line. The pneumatic and electrical installations are connected according to the given scheme or according to the valid regulations. The symmetric two-way switch can be connected to the automatic operation of the plant.

The conveyor is intended for horizontal transport of granular, chunky and flour materials for both outdoor and indoor use. Before installing and maintaining the chain conveyor, you should thoroughly examine this instruction, especially the chapter on protective measures. Installation, commissioning, maintenance and overhaul is required by an skilled competent person. Errors caused by improper installation, commissioning and overhaul or damage caused by improper handling do not fall under the manufacturer's warranty. For the proper operation of the conveyor, care must be taken to avoid damaging the conveyor even during transportation to the customer. After commissioning the conveyor, pay attention to cleaning and professional maintenance.

Mill is a machine that is especially suitable for grinding cereals, without heating a flour product. Before installing equipment, commissioning, maintenance and repairs, read the instruction manual, especially the safety instructions. Equipment installation, operation, maintenance and repair can only be carried out by a qualified person. Due to improper installation of equipment, operation and maintenance, the manufacturer is not responsible. For the purpose of reliable operation of the machine, pay attention to the transport and use within the section without damaging the equipment. From the beginning of the commissioning, pay special attention to cleaning the machine as well as training on professional management of the machine.

Bag filters are quality machines that will, with systematic monitoring and regular inspection of a qualified operator, serve for years for safe and smooth operation. It is applied in the process industry, in livestock food industries, in silos, in the chemical and food industry, for collecting and removing dust from process elements such as, for example, silo cell, which comes from powdery materials such as:

  • flour
  • PVC powder
  • chalk
  • premix
  • sozbean meal, etc...

Dosage worm conveyor is a high-quality, high-sustainability device that can be used for years with minimal operating costs. Safe and smooth operation requires supervision, occasional control and maintenance of an skilled operator. Dosage worm conveyor excerpts have application in FSH and silos as well as in chemical industries. All types of conveyors are operated in sizes of 5m3/h3and more.

Dosing worm conveyors of the type CPT are most commonly used in FSH for dosing in scales. In addition to dosing worm conveyors, they can be also standard worm conveyor used in silos and FSH for connecting transport between two machines, for distribution of materials into cells, etc. According to the above, in our program we have double worm conveyors.

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The machine is manufactured for you with great care, the components that are embedded are of the highest quality.

You must consider the pick-up approach when some of the heavier components have to be disassembled in case of failure. The machine works without any vibrations, as long as it is within the prescribed conditions. The weight of the mixer, including the media mixing equipment, must be included in the assessment for the foundation / base for the machine. he shaft rotors rotate towards each other so that the blades that lie below the center of the rotor level move towards the center of the machine. The center of the machine is between the rotor shaft and direction shaft length. The angle blades are arranged so that the mixing of the working medium is in the opposite direction from the clockwise direction in the mixing chamber, if viewed from above. Since the blades from each rotor overlap each other, it is very important that the blade positions on the opposite rotor are correct set. The relative position of the blades on the rotor is 45 °. The construction of the rotor gives a moderate handling of the feed, and a homogeneous mixture with a low speed of rotation. The blades create a mechanical fluid zone in the middle of the mixer. In case when liquids are added, it is necessary to increase the mixing time. We hope you will be satisfied with your new horizontal blades.