O&M Inženjering

Planning and production of processing equipment with guaranteed technical and technological performance.

Production on modern CNC machines, high quality finishing and dyeing with top colors and protection, process and final control as ...

Regular maintenance, reliable service and faster delivery of original spare parts is essential ...

Assembling of steel structures, prefabricated halls, warehouses, warehouse, canopies, installation of roof and facade panels,

O nama​
O&M Engineering Group was founded in 2006, with its headquarters in the industrial zone Jugoistok in Zrenjanin, Serbia. O & M Engineering Group is the leading Serbian company in the planning, manufacture, assembling, production and maintenance of processing equipment in the food industry for people and animals, fertilizers, chemical industry, building materials, storage of raw materials and renewable energy sources, pelleting wood and agro pellets, silos warehouse capacities ... From our engineering and production facilities in Zrenjanin, technical solutions are permanently coming out for both complete factory systems, as well as for certain parts of the system, production lines and equipment by the system key in hand.



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